• The Open Sign Collection

      Get everything we have to offer for one price. You will receive Phantom of the Woods, The Stray, Made Guys, the complete PHOBIA series, Means to an End, and MISSING and all the special features that come with them!

    • Made Guys

      Two guys, one job, everyone said it was gonna be simple, but with these two, nothing’s ever simple. MADE GUYS follows the misadventures of Tony and Eddie; two mob enforcers that bumble their way through their jobs working in the Fort Wayne crime syndicate.

      The newest feature from Open Sign Productions; MADE GUYS is directed by Christian Nash and stars Cam Clark and Ryan Woebbeking.

    • The Stray

      THE STRAY, the debut feature from director Cam Clark and the 2nd feature from Open Sign Productions, is a Post-Apocalyptic tale of survival set in an alternate version of 1966 where nuclear war has destroyed civilization and has transformed the world into a mutant infested wasteland.

      Starring Joe Leatherman, the story follows Tracy Arnold who struggles to survive all the while being forced to face his tortured past and the stray that refuses to let him forget.

    • Phantom of the Woods

      In this supernatural horror, the peace and tranquility of a small lake community is shattered upon the arrival of a young girl with a tortured past and the appearance of a terrifying spectre that turns one's fears and apprehensions into nightmares that are all too real.

    • PHOBIA - All Episodes

      Watch the complete series of PHOBIA; special features included.

    • Means to an End - Short Film

      Josh has been on the straight and narrow for a few years, but when his friend Aaron sees a way out of the various issues in both of their lives, he must reluctantly dive back into the darkness.

    • MISSING - Short Film

      A man is kidnapped and victimized by a sadistic serial killer, while a woman searches desperately for her missing husband. 21 minutes


    Open Sign Productions is a Midwest based Film Production company focused on the creation of high qulaity short and feature films in genres such as Horror, Comedy, Sci-Fi, and Drama. Originally founded by 3 friends with a passion for movies, Open Sign has since grown to consist of more than two dozen filmmaking professionals and craftspeople. We're always putting out content so keep checking back to see what's coming from us next!

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    • PHOBIA - Complete Series

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      At over 25 episodes and counting; PHOBIA is a Horror Anthology Series where each new episode brings a new tale of terror inspired by shows such as Are You Afraid of the Dark, Goosebumps, and The Twlight Zone.


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      Josh tries to do the right thing, but when his friend Aaron offers a way to solve all their problems, he reluctantly walks into the darkness. Includes Movie, Behind the Scenes, and Commentary.


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      A man finds himself at the mercy of a sadistic serial killer while a wife searches for her missing husband. Includes Movie, Behind the Scenes, and Commentary.
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